Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Biker Chic Earrings~

So whats all the hype about Biker chic earring? What the heck do bikers have to do with earrings? Well, to answer that I have to tell a short story. My Mom is a biker chic. She is amazing! If she had a trike she would be a full time rider...but since she doesnt, she is a part time rider on the back of her Mans Harley. This is how I've always known my Mom to b and it suites her so well. If you know about Harley Motorcycles you know that Bike week in Daytona Beach is right around the corner. Since my Mom has been one of "Jewelry by Beans" biggest fans (trust me..you should see her jewelry collection) I felt inspired to create a collection. So alas "Biker Chic Earrings" were created and I've got to say, they are hot! Even if you've never been on a Harley...you'r going to want a pair! When I created these, I had 2 things in mind. The official Harley colors of Orange and Black and the open road. For the open road feel, I created a few pairs using turqouise gemstones to symbolize the open desert highway roads that every rider dreams of. For the Harley colors, I paired black onyx gemstones with a fire opal swarovski crystal. All the earrings in this collection have a pewter winged heart dangling; I think this is what gives the earrings a classic biker feel to them. Like I said, my Mom is one of my biggest fans and so she is taking the collection with her to Daytona Beach for Bike week to sell for me. I can fill special orders though and I can even do other colors if you'd like. So ride on Biker Chics...

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  1. What a great story Janine. I also know that the biker community has stepped up and been a huge source of support for you so it's really cool that you're making earrings inspired by them. Rock on!